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My favorite themes can be summed up in two words: Secrets and Sorrow. And if you give me two more: Solace and Sensuality. I love stories where emotions are honest and raw and the truth comes out and it doesn't much matter to me if it's two people in a relationship dealing with each other or one person trying to sort out their own life, or a combination of the two. Happy -- or happy-ish -- endings are good, but not always required.

I love (but do not require) some sexy fun times and some sexual solace/healing. And I love when people are newly physical with one another -- "first time together" as I've been tagging it. I'm pretty vanilla in my smut preferences. Light bondage and blindfolds is about as far as I like stories to go. But mostly, I need a big emotional aspect to it. If it's just sex for sex's sake, it's not worth it, to me. There's got to be something behind it.

I also don't mind a good fade-to-black, if you want to get physical and have that intention without actually going all the way. And some if not most of these prompts, I wouldn't expect to be sexual at all, so don't worry if that's not your thing!

DNW: BDSM. Incest. Readerfic. First-Person throughout. Bestiality.

Dirty talk. Dirty talk gets it's own section, because this is the point I realized just how strongly I felt about it. Really, I don't care for a lot of dialogue at all during love scenes. Not to say you have to be all "Here is a sex scene and no words shall pass these characters' lips!" about it, but I just don't enjoy explanations of what's going to be done or what someone wants to do to the other, or is it OK to do XYZ. For the first two, do it, don't say it. For the the third...I just generally work under the assumption that consent is implicit, and I don't generally enjoy seeing the flow of a good love scene interrupted with an "Is this okay?" or a "Can I do..." you know?

I've noticed a common trend is to have a character blurt out "oh fuck!" mid bone and really, that's just not sexy to me. That's more for the word than the sentiment. It's just not a word I find sexy. Ditto cock and dick, though I know it can sometimes be hard to write sex without them. Just, use sparingly. I think it's the short word, hard K sound that turns me off. Also, I have a weird aversion to the "Gods!" exclamation for characters that aren't explicitly polytheistic in canon. And I'm pretty sure I don't have any such characters in this letter.

On to the prompts!

HOLDEN RADCLIFFE, FITZ: I actually really liked Radcliffe by the end, and as much as he was able, I think he really did grow to care for Fitz, maybe even actually going so far as to feel fatherly toward him. At the very least, he loves having another Scot in the house. Play with that. And how does Fitz feel about Holden, a man who gives him respect and encouragement and can keep up with him intellectually. Just, never ever let them talk to each other about it, no no no. Pure character study here.

COULSON, DAISY: Coulson was pretty tough on Daisy when she came back into the fold last season. He was obviously and justifiably angry. But you know he was relieved to have her back. Explore. I absolutely DO NOT SHIP Daisy/Coulson and DNW it here.

SPENCER REID: Spencer Reid remembers pretty much everything. But the summer of 199x always felt like something was missing. Like someone had put a dingy filter on a camera lens, washing out the fine details. But when a series of murders takes the BAU to his hometown, the lens comes off and he finds himself facing the same old monster with a brand new club. Basically, I want a fusion with IT. Whether that means Spencer was a member of the an AU version of original Loser’s Club in Derry, Maine or part of a separate band of Vegas Losers who fought their own clown with its own feeding schedule. (Trick)

I went with 199x, because in canon Spencer was 12 when he graduated high school and was born in 1981. So I figure summer of 1993 or 1994 would be good options, either just after high school or just after his first year of college.

This one is so out there with the potential to be long, so I don't realistically expect anyone to take it on. But if you do and just want to just drop me in the middle of a piece of it, that's fine.

SPENCER REID: Nobody on the team knows it, but Spencer is really good at improv. It was a talent his mother insisted he cultivate so she knew he’d always be able to hold his own in conversations that didn’t require the recitation of memorized facts, figures and details. So when the Comedy Club Killer strikes, the team gets quite the surprise -- and a few unexpected laughs -- when Spence goes undercover with a local troupe preparing for their big show. This was kind of inspired by Whose Line Is It Anyway and Drew Carey's Improv-aganza. (Treat)

STEVE HALE, MATT HARMON: They both love DJ, and DJ loves both of them. So for her sake, Steve and Matt put aside their differences and form a triad. They just never really expected to fall for each other, too. (Treat) (And, weeks after writing this letter, I've finally started watching season two...so, this would obviously have to ignore "Matt and Steve: BFFs4EVA" -- she says mid premiere, now watch that friendship be over by the end credits.)

REED, PORTHOS: Reed is left to watch over Porthos while everyone else is planetside. Spooky things happen and it's up to Reed and Porthos to figure out what's what. (Trick, unless you really REALLY want to make it a treat.)

TRIP, T’POL: Here’s the thing I noticed about Trip and T’Pol: They NEVER really just got to be. They were ALWAYS dancing around each other, but reacting like they’d actually had something more than T’Pol smashing her lips into Trip’s face a few times and dropping all her clothes for “sexual experimentation” once. I want to see them caring for one another. Being kind, gentle and intentional -- or at least honest! -- in their interactions and thoughts about each other. Ideally, this would be set during or after T'Pol's Trellium-D addiction, so she's got all those feelings and emotions right near the surface. (Treat)

SHRAN: One of the grosser things Enterprise did in its travesty of a finale was Jhamel/Shran. His interactions seemed much more fatherly toward her in The Aenar, so I’d like to see THAT relationship continue, maybe with Shran falling for her mother and starting a family that way. (Treat)

REED, J. HAYES: Reed and Hayes took the first steps to finding common ground after their fight in Harbinger, I think. But then they stepped back, stepped forward a little bit, and then Hayes died. I would like to see better progression for them. Whether it’s in grudging respect or the beginnings of a friendship (friends with benefits? Maybe.) (Treat or Trick if you want Hayes to end as Hayes ended)

WESLEY CRUSHER, NICHOLAS LOCARNO, JOSHUA ALBERT: I might be in the minority, but I like Wesley and I really loved the episode where his flight squad is in an accident and Joshua Albert dies, and Enterprise figures out that they were trying a banned maneuver. I love it, and even though we never saw him, I shipped Wesley/Josh pretty instantly. But really? I want you to break Wesley. I want him to despair, and be full of memories of Josh he can’t bring himself to share. I want Locarno to be the charmingly evil bastard who intimidates him with violence as well as the words we saw on screen. I want Picard’s Pet Wesley to be shunned when classes resume and the resulting depression and angst from all of that to be what leads him away from Starfleet, not some random “I realized I was only there because of my dad!” nonsense. Just destroy Wesley Crusher. Lift him back up if you want to. (Trick the fuck out of this one)

ERIK LENSHERR, PETER MAXIMOFF: Erik finally finds out Peter is his son, and it’s not the explosion anybody expected. Nor is it sappy and weepy. A strained calm that barely contains his anger at being kept in the dark, but it does, because how can Erik be furious when he has family? You decide the circumstances of the reveal. (Trick or treat)
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I was thinking about doing something original for National Novel Writing Month, but while I was smack in the middle of plotting that out...I got hit with the urge to expand my Genderqueer Jenny "Castle" universe. I certainly don't have a 50,000-word plot in mind for that, though.


Sep. 13th, 2013 02:56 pm
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The porny, emotional Ryan/Esposito fic is done! First draft clocks in at 17,530 words on the nose, divided over three chapters and an epilogue.


Sep. 4th, 2013 11:51 pm
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I just added nearly 800 more words to the Rysposito fic! Granted, some of them were an unplanned foray into Javier's childhood heartbreak and racist, elitest classmates, but I think it works.

A few more paragraphs will finish this scene, and then it's just breakfast, an honest conversation and one more love scene, and the first draft is done.


And then I'll do quick edit, maybe try to find some a beta or two for a possible third draft, but either way, this fic is getting posted before season six premieres (even though it's set just after the season five premiere).

I've got 18 days (and three minutes).

Dueling fic

Sep. 1st, 2013 01:37 am
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I'm so close to being done with the porny Ryan/Esposito Castle fic, but all of a sudden I've been consumed with making Percy Weasley cry. I don't even have any stories going on where he's present! Just Wall of the Missing, which, if you didn't know, has grown over on FFN, only to be left unupdated while I work on the Castle fic. I haven't put any of the other chapters here or on Ao3 yet, because I kind of consider FFN my public beta for when I need some reassurance midway through. And so once it's all done there and I'm happy with it, I'll move it to these other places. (Rysposito fic is too porny to put chapters over there, which is why it's only in my head and hard drive, which is not so good for the reassurance.)

New fic

Mar. 12th, 2013 02:18 am
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I'm working on my first Ryan/Esposito fic, and as I do on so many days, I decided to peruse the Kevin Ryan tag on tumblr (btw: the existence of an actor named Kevin Ryan on Copper..surprisingly hasn't had a HUGE effect, but it's had some).

I stumbled across this gif (part of this series of gifs) that just makes writing Ryan so much easier. Boyfriend not only looks, he follows (while Castle and Esposito resolutely ignore):
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I was contemplating another sexy Kevin/Jenny fic (and then maybe some fluffy Kevin/Jenny with babies fic) for Castle fandom, but after an episode where a large part of it was devoted, literally, to the baby-making sexcapades of Casa Ryan...I'm a little turned off.

And I LIKE them as a sexy couple! I LIKE the idea of babies! But this was just really off-putting. I mean, seriously. Do guys really walk up to their coworkers all "Sorry, I'm late. [I was having sex, let's talk about it!]" or exit a room all "I'ma go home and have some sex! Wheee!" I felt so bad for Seamus Dever.
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Title: Man Up
Ships: Kevin/Jenny
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Everyone at the 12th knows Jenny likes light, frilly dresses, makeup and strappy shoes, but only Kevin knows about her penchant for cross-dressing. And when she comes home one day in a three-piece suit, he gets far more than he bargained for.
Contains: Genderqueer Jenny, first-time pegging
Notes: I intended this to just be PWP with cross-dressing and pegging, but then Kevin and Jenny had to go and have these feelings about gender and the difficulties a relationship can have when one person is a little bit queer and the other is cis. But then there's porn.

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Title: Man Up
Ships: Kevin/Jenny
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Everyone at the 12th knows Jenny likes light, frilly dresses, makeup and strappy shoes, but only Kevin knows about her penchant for cross-dressing. And when she comes home one day in a three-piece suit, he gets far more than he bargained for.
Contains: Genderqueer Jenny, first-time pegging
Notes: I intended this to just be PWP with cross-dressing and pegging, but then Kevin and Jenny had to go and have a fight and all these feelings about gender and the difficulties a relationship can have when one person is a little bit queer and the other is cis. But then there's porn.
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All I want to do is work on this nice big smutty fic I've got going on, but instead I have to go work. Thought about taking the laptop in so I could write on my dinner break, but I don't think it would be the best idea to just be getting to the smuttiest of smutty bits -- and then immediately go back to, you know, work stuff. At least by stopping now, I've got a bit of a break between getting ready for work and driving there to not be all "Hot sex! Hot Sex! HOT SEX!"

But I really hope I finish this story before going home for Memorial Day weekend. Because who wants to try to write porn when they're surrounded by their parents, siblings, nieces and nephews?
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Title: What Should Have Been
Rated: PG-13 for adult themes
Warnings:A little more than the summary implies )
Summary: Arthur knew he shouldn't be reading Percy's diary. But then, he also knew Percy shouldn't be lying in a hospital bed, clinging to life after a suicide attempt, and in the realm of Things That Shouldn't Have Been, his seemed the far lesser offense.
Notes: While I wish I could say this fic idea sprung unprompted from my brain, I must give credit where it's due. I recently had the pleasure of reading an older fic, Invisible Son by Raewhit and a newer fic, The Secret Life of Percival Weasley by Cypher. Both mixed third-person activity with first-person journal entries, which I've discovered is a format I adore, despite not generally being a fan of the first-person tense, and both involved Percy hospitalized (Invisible Son after a suicide attempt and with Arthur reading his diary, which is the set-up here, as well).

I feel like a bit of a hack for aping the premise, but I also think I've managed to churn out a story that is my own and different enough from those. I hope you'll read all three and think so as well. And many thanks to my betas! You know who you are.

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Title: The Wall of The Missing
Author: [livejournal.com profile] iwasanartist
Summary: Arthur thought his coworker had been offering his condolences for George's ear. If only that were the case. Set afew days after the ministry fell.
Rating/Warnings: There's no blatant violence or gore or sexy times, but emotionally, it's kind of dark and open-ended.

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Oct. 10th, 2010 04:15 am
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I should be reading LAS fics, not brainstorming a series of Snape/Lupin vignettes!
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I have the sudden urge to watch...that SGA episode where McKay catches a bug that takes away his genius until he nearly dies, but Ronon knows of a magic cave and Keller does brain surgery with power drill. I don't think I have that season. Crap.

I guess some good Sheppard fic of that episode would be a sufficient alternative. Gen or Slash, I don't care...just not overly gooey with OOC emoting.
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Title: That’s Why
Author: [livejournal.com profile] iwasanartist
Summary: A prank by an offworld native goes wrong, and Jack and Daniel have to deal with the consequences.
Rating: R for scenes of an intimate nature
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Genre: First Time, Aliens Made Them Start It
Warning: There’s a very rough kiss and a very gentle kiss. It’s possible one or both could be considered dubcon, but I’m not sure. Unbeta-ed.

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